My Weekly Recap in Pictures


Walked into bedroom last night to find Joe engrossed in PBS show on orangutans. Here they are talking about this particular gal who is going through menopause. To which I say, why waste plane fare to the South Pacific? Stay stateside and study me. #bethconny #lifenicity #imbetterlookingthanhertoo


Not a joke. A very tight parking spot next to concrete pole. Made a note to myself to remind me (along with getting nails done and supermarket). Otherwise, I’d swipe my mirror racing out to the next place. #lifenicity #bethconny #atleastididnthavetomakeanotetoscrewmyheadbackon

tree walnuts

I grew up in a three-room apartment in NYC and now live in a house. But what really thrills me is having my own tree. Giant black walnut left over from the days when this land whole area was farmland. #bethconny #lifenicity #sometimesithinkthistreeiswiserthanme


I will not touch this thing in the basement sink. Neither will Joe. He says it’s his pet. Personally, I’d rather have a dog, or even a boa. #bethconny #lifenicity #thishairythinglookslikeaminiaturetarantula


Early morning chit-chat with one of my peeps. Better than coffee for waking up. Thanks for a great start to the day, Ivonne! #bethconny #lifenicity #neverenoughtimetogetitallineventhoughwetalkreallyreallyfast