Gone fishing living

BMC04When I launched the blog, I posted weekly. It was great fun and I learned so much about myself. (As I often tell others, I don’t know what I’m thinking until I write it down.)

It has been several months since I’ve posted, however. For a while, I panicked. Now, I realize I am taking a break. Actually, that’s not quite it. Rather, I am gathering new experiences, ones I’m not ready to articulate.

I feel like I am in the midst of Life itself. Do you know what I mean? Those moments when life becomes Life, terrifically profound and instructive. Relationships and priorities change, as does your worldview. The planets shift and, for once, you allow yourself to spin without fighting for control.

And so I am spinning. Instead of writing about Life, I am living it; trusting that my words will come when, at last, I am ready to greet them.

Best wishes til then.