Buddha lesson for the day: Self-compassion

Beth Mende Conny of Lifenicity and Write Directions shares a lesson from the Buddha about compassion of selfThe Buddha once asked a student, “If a person is struck by an arrow, is it painful?” The student replied, “It is.”

The Buddha then asked, “If the person is struck by a second arrow, is that even more painful?” The student replied again, “It is.”

The Buddha then explained, “In life, we cannot always control the first arrow. However, the second arrow is our reaction to the first. And with this second arrow comes the possibility of change.”

Excerpted from “Self-compassion: Releasing the second arrow,” True Refuge: Finding Peace and Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart, by Tara Brach.

She’s a practicing Buddhist and psychologist. I have listened to her speak and subscribe to her podcast. She’s pretty darn incredible, and her voice calms me down immediately.