new book judy

Meet Poet Judy Korotkin

new book judy

Just released!

Let me introduce you to one of most influential writers in my life: Judy Korotkin (aka my mom), who has just published “Horizons,” her second volume of poetry. Her first volume is “The Whirlwind Heart.”

Judy came to poetry later in life (after her novel and several plays), and it is through her work that I finally understand how poetry simplifies the complex, strips away excess, and clarifies ideas and experiences. Through her poetry, I’ve gained a greater understanding of her life, of life.

Judy writes movingly about her worldview and the world’s view of her as an older person. She doesn’t take kindly to typecasting. And why should she? She’s younger than many of us and can laugh you under the table.

Judy Korotkin and I reviewing a proof of her poetry book Horizons.

Judy Korotkin and I reviewing a proof of her poetry book Horizons.

The “Horizons” collection is whimsical, insightful and at times bittersweet. It captures dreams past and present, as well as life’s daily magic. She also writes of the inevitability of her passing (which I refuse to believe possible).

Below is one of my favorite poems. But first, let me share a dream — to sell enough of Judy’s books to cover her tuition to the Breadloaf Writer’s Conference in Vermont. (It is one of the premier writers’ retreats in the country.) It would be her reward for a life well lived — and well written. All book sales go directly to her.

The book is $10, click here to order.


“At This Age”
© 2014 Judy Korotkin


I can’t believe I’ve reached the age

where my horizon is today,

where all I want is to engage


with myself right on this page

so those who read my words will say,

her words, her wit deserve the stage!


It warms my heart that at my age

I still can move, I still can sway

the young, the old, the fool, the sage —


I still can show them at this age

(with no sign yet of mind’s decay)

what’s still possible if you engage!


I’m really thrilled that at my age

I can write and still convey

my view of life and love and gauge


why I can’t accept I’ve reached this age

where my horizon is today.

I’ll admit there is some rage;

I’ll explore that on another page.


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Beth and Jenna Mende Conny share moments with Bob Dylan while driving to Gettysburg, PA, to get ice cream sundaes at Friendly's.

Friendly’s, Dylan and endless possibilities

Beth and Jenna Mende Conny share moments with Bob Dylan while driving to Gettysburg, PA, to get ice cream sundaes at Friendly's.Warning: This video will likely be a yawner for you. (Although it does get a bit more interesting, aka arty, around the 2 minute mark.) Not for me, however. It was taken on one of my favorite days–more accurately, during a lovely shared moment with my daughter Jenna.

It was my birthday and we drove from Frederick to Gettysburg to get a Friendly’s milkshake. (She was treating.) We used the 45-minute drive well. She had just gotten her driver’s license and this was one of her first “road trips.” I had just gotten my iPhone and was making my first video. We were both taken with ourselves and endless possibilities.

Bob Dylan was playing in the background–another something we shared that day. She had just discovered him; I too had discovered him at 16.

Unfortunately, you can’t hear Dylan sing because YouTube blocked him out: copyright issues. But if you remember “Like a Rolling Stone,” you can hum along in time with the windshield wipers.


Lifenicity Storytime #1 – Introduction (sorta)

One morning I got up and decided that instead of sitting in front of the tube, I’d sit in front of my laptop, turn on the Web cam and start talking. I wasn’t sure what I would say. I just needed to hear myself speak. No script, just a meandering. The start of a conversation.

I’ve since recorded other pieces, which I’ll post from time to time. It’s funny though. I don’t know who I’m talking to — and yet I do know. Somewhere out there in ether, ether land, is someone like me, who understands the language of the heart. I imagine us sitting together, sipping tea, listening intently to the stories of our lives and nodding; on occasion, squeezing each other’s hand.

This story, then, and those that follow, are for us. Sit back, watch. I’ll make us some tea. I’ll go get the chocolate.