The Techno-eeek

Here I am learning how to take a pic of myself with my iPhone.

I am writing this post not to share a thought or experience or to achieve some goal but simply to get over my fear of writing a post.

I’m not afraid of the words themselves. I’m a writer, after all; I live and breathe words. It’s the damn techno stuff: the choosing of categories and tags, the scheduling and uploading, the cringing when I realize I’ve linked to the wrong site or posted a photo that have nothing to do with my subject matter.

What can I say? I’m a techno-eeek!

I am of a generation who remembers when a “mouse” was still a four-legged creature and “Pads” were things you wore when you got your period. I remember the feel of a pen in hand, it’s fits and starts and strike-outs; the precision required to fold a sheet of paper in neat, sharp thirds so it fit snugly into an envelope. (For those who don’t know what an envelope is, think of it as a really, really small, flat, paper pillowcase with a flap.) And I remember chaperoning my envelope to an actual mailbox, confident it would get to its destination, be it crosstown or cross-country. Read more