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“Oy, my aching head,” said the intuitive

A few weeks ago I shared a personal problem with my advisory board: the loose grouping of friends and colleagues whose opinions I trust and sometimes even listen to. Their words were wise but I was still undecided, and so I decided to see an intuitive who lived on the outskirts of town. A friend’s […]

Car names — dumb, funny and dangerous

So here we are, Joe and I merrily driving along Pennsylvania Rt. 322, going at a pleasant 60 mph when — gimme a break! — an RV darts in front of us at a blazing 15 mph. We curse, brake. “Well that was dumb,” I say, though not about the driver. I’m thinking about the […]

Reconfiguring our lives

Let’s talk about the seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Or is it Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring? There is no official order, of course, but they are ordered nonetheless, lined up like school children. One follows the other, no pushing to get ahead. To shift their position is to upset the world order and realign […]

Focused ion beams, climate change and the Other Woman

My friends Glen and Kimba and I were hanging around last week and somehow our conversation shifted from Facebook to a discussion of particulate matter, focused ion beams and climate change. My husband, Joe, happens to study atmospheric particles as part of his climate change research. A particle is a mere spec, but get a […]

Sisterly Bonds and the Mountain Miracle

I recently found this essay among old writings. The memory it evokes is as vivid as the mountains and, most especially, my daughters. Let me share it with you. I’ve got two kids, both girls and they’re nearly eight years apart. Given their age difference, there’s little they have in common, save fighting, which they […]

Meet Poet Judy Korotkin

Let me introduce you to one of most influential writers in my life: Judy Korotkin (aka my mom), who has just published “Horizons,” her second volume of poetry. Her first volume is “The Whirlwind Heart.” Judy came to poetry later in life (after her novel and several plays), and it is through her work that I […]

Why You Should Deviate

My husband and I are making a cake. Open before us is the bible for lost souls: the Joy of Cooking. Across the countertop are the requisite ingredients (flour, sugar, baking soda and powder, eggs and salt) and various implements of destruction (measuring cups and spoons). The Joy (ha!) of Cooking makes clear the precise measurements and order of ingredients. […]