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Windshield duet

Rainy and cold, in the 50s but feels like the 30s. Grey skies have a way of deceiving the body. Bundled in a heavy jacket, I sit in my car waiting for the light to change. My iTouch is playing, but I don’t know the song’s name or artist. It’s one of those wild-card songs […]

The Techno-eeek

I am writing this post not to share a thought or experience or to achieve some goal but simply to get over my fear of writing a post. I’m not afraid of the words themselves. I’m a writer, after all; I live and breathe words. It’s the damn techno stuff: the choosing of categories and […]

What makes a wisdom tooth so smart?

Do the questions your kids ask leave you sputtering, stuttering and groping for answers? Well, sputter, stutter and grope no more. Here are pat, authoritative answers to some of their most common inquiries: Question: What makes a wisdom tooth so smart? Answer: That’s an excellent question, and I’m sure your father would love the opportunity […]

Staying upright

by Beth Mende Conny © 2012 My sister and I grew up in a two-room apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. My mom was a single mom and this was all she could afford. I mention this not to tug on your heartstrings but to get you to imagine how tight space was. Understandably, my […]


by Beth Mende Conny Life is a gift, bow-tied and ready to be opened. There, nestled in tissue paper, is your true self aching to be enjoyed. Enjoy. Also to be enjoyed: A free downloadable of this art and quotation (right click to save to your computer). Fits a 4 x 6 frame.