Writer Beth Mende Conny, founder of WriteDirections.com and Lifenicity.comI’m a writer, which is a blessing and a curse. Writing is a 24/7 job, with no days off.

I’ve been writing since I first learned to form letters on a page. Since then I’ve authored/edited/ghosted more than four dozen books and collections, have done stints as a reporter and columnist, and have taught at various colleges. I’m also the founder of WriteDirections.com

I’ve got a master’s in journalism and a Ph.D. in writer’s angst. My head’s always in a book. I carry a pen and pad wherever I go. I eavesdrop on conversations to steal dialogue. I have more book ideas than can comfortably fit into my brain. I write even when I’m not writing. I drive my family crazy.

I grew up in New York City, have done stints in Berkeley and Boulder, and now live in Frederick, Maryland. I love to read, to watch people and to get into deep, meaningful conversations (most often with myself). I consider chocolate a food group. I go for long walks just about every day. I get hot flashes.

I believe in Purpose, which, I guess, is my word for God. I doubt I will ever know what that Purpose is but somehow this doesn’t matter. It’s the minutia of life that I grapple with: cooking, cleaning, telemarketers, not leaving a carbon footprint.

I love big earrings, country music and waking up early. I hate coffee, the color green and software updates. I worry about terrorism, swine flu and that I’ll never finish my novel. I worry I am not a good-enough mom, wife, sister. I worry I will always find something to worry about.

Finally: I love life, even when it’s a pain in butt. Life’s its own world, and there’s no place I’d rather be.