Life intervenes

Beth Conny essay about snow and the quotation: Man plans, God laughs.Life has a way of intervening. What nerve. I had my day, week, month planned. But as the saying goes, “Man plans, God laughs.” Applies to women too, of course. As for God — my attempt at plans was a real knee-slapper.

This week, I ate too much chocolate. Didn’t meet a project deadline. (Trying to meet anything “dead” isn’t particularly compelling.) It snowed heavily on Monday and I had to shovel. Snowed heavily on Tuesday and I had to shovel. The repairman was supposed to fix the heat pump but he cancelled; too much snow. Hubby left town and I watched too much TV to fill the quiet house. I ran out of chocolate.

And I didn’t blog. I had planned to post at least once, perhaps twice or thrice. I read on the Internet, that source of Truth, that I should. To build a following, I must be consistent. But why should anyone follow me? Why remind them that life is a series of interventions and that sometimes you run out of chocolate?

I am not that cruel. Beside, I was too busy making plans for summer and what to do when the repairman didn’t come to fix the air-conditioning. A real knee-slapper.