Feeling blue (not green)

Writer Beth Mende Conny is feeling blue and researches the meaning behind the expression.

Heading to homeport, blue flag flying. — 2013 Beth Mende Conny

Today I woke feeling blue. And I said to myself, “I feel blue.” And then, “Why blue?”

Blue is the color of sea and sky and beloved denim. In the Feng Shui pantheon of colors, it’s at the top for promoting peace and tranquility. It is calmness itself.

I suppose I would feel blue if I were the yellow-bellied black sheep of my family; or if I spent my days mired in red tape, feeling green with envy and riding about on a white elephant.

But no, I’m as blue as a blue blood turned blue collar, who talks a blue streak about his blue balls while gumming a blue-plate special and singing the blues. Yep, blue.

But why? How did the phrase “feeling blue” come to be?

A quick Web search and I have my answer: Read more

Potty training as spectator sport

Beth Conny, founder of WriteDirections.com, writes about potty training her daughter.Note: This post is from my earlier days as a parenting columnist. One day, I will hand it off to my daughters, to help them win the gold.

My daughter has discovered a new spectator sport: watching Mommy go to the bathroom.

So much for privacy, but I only have myself to blame. After all, I’m the one who opened the door of opportunity to her, so to speak. I did it because I thought it would help get her potty trained. Everything else I had tried failed.

And try I did. Several months ago, for example, I bought my daughter her very own potty seat. Much to my surprise, she used it immediately—as a purse. In it she stuck her most precious belongings: the doll with no head, her party shoes, a box of half-eaten crayons.

She carried that potty around from room to room as if it were a briefcase full of government secrets. Dare to lift the lid, and she’d deliver a quick karate chop to your wrists. Eventually, she grew tired of it, and it found its way into the corner of her room where out-of-favor toys collect dust. Read more

Bethville (population 1)

Author Beth Mende Conny, founder of WriteDirections.com, writes about what you can and can't write on your blog.

Welcome (?) to Bethville

For a time, my friend Sheree worked in my city, and sometimes she’d shoot me a text before her long commute home.

Leaving Bethville.

It always made me smile. It was a loving wave between friends, friends who saw each other too rarely.

But what also made me smile was the idea of Bethville. A city named after me! I could say and do whatever I wanted within its boundaries. Hear ye, hear ye: I declare myself mayor.

Which brings me to this blog —my Bethville. I launched it so I could write what I damn well pleased. Hear that publishers? Screw your dictates. And, you, English teachers, I’ll put commas my wherever I want, so ,,,, there ,,,, !

The only thing I didn’t consider when assuming office was that Bethville residents would read what I write. Read more