What makes a wisdom tooth so smart?

Do the questions your kids ask leave you sputtering, stuttering and groping for answers? Well, sputter, stutter and grope no more. Here are pat, authoritative answers to some of their most common inquiries:

Question: What makes a wisdom tooth so smart?

Answer: That’s an excellent question, and I’m sure your father would love the opportunity to answer it. Run along and find him.

Q: Where did I come from?

A: The mall.

Q: Can I have a baby brother?

A: Start saving up your allowance and we’ll see.

Q: Why do I have to clean my room?

A: Because the Environmental Protection Agency has just added your room to its Superfund list.

Q: You said I came from the mall; my friend Mary says she didn’t. How can that be?

A: Well, I guess you’re old enough now to know the truth. Mary’s mother shops at the more expensive stores downtown. Read more