I’m Beth Conny, a reformed writer who’s swapped pen and paper for scissors and glue sticks.

I stare at things and they stare back … and talk back. It’s rather odd but fun. And I need all the fun I can get to balance out the daily news. I bet you do too.

So here are videos to make you smile and doubt my sanity. They’re super short and — ta da! — free. I post new ones weekly, so subscribe, enjoy and share.

I think that’s it…it’s got to be because I can’t think anymore!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Stay healthy!



Beth Conny having fun in a scarf mask

Video Sampler

“Saucy Sue’s Skin Care Tips”

“Mr. Sad Banana”

“Poor Supermarket Etiquette”

“Nasty Maitre’d”